Elite Bakery


New Five-Star Bakery
With a passion in bakery, we has been devoted to developing new products over the years, which have been received with great love by our loyal customers. In 2008, we started introducing exquisite five-star bakery products, and founded Elite Bakery. With selected quality ingredients and world class baking techniques, we provide delicate breads, desserts and customized gift boxes, satisfying the picky taste buds of our customers. Our products have earned us great reputation till this day.

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Golden Cake $4800
Our limited Golden Cake is a favorite of our high-end customers. Its glittering appearance is due to gold foil, which is delicately pasted one by one by the hand of our chefs. Hi-end French chocolate and Italian hazelnuts are used; sold at a limited amount every day.
The agreeable sweetness has conquered the taste buds of many graceful ladies.

Fresh Loaf with Milk, Walnuts and Cheese $250
Not one drop of water added, the stuffing is filled with French Cheddar cheese and American walnuts. The texture is soft and moist with an unforgettable flavor.

Opening Hours:08:00 - 20:00

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