The Lounge


With various whiskeys, a glass of exclusive drink, while enjoying the affective interaction with each other in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. At the same time, professional wine steward services make your meals and drinks more perfectly combined.

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Si Shou Guardians
Inspired by the Four Beast Mountains (the Elephant, Leopard, Lion and Tiger Mountains) , which surround Taipei City, added with the flavors of fruits of the four seasons, different mixed drinks are prepared by our bartender for guests to enjoy.

Si Tie Construction
Inspired by the traditional Taiwan railway, the fast high-speed rail, and the convenient MRT. The three characteristic beverages are added with flavors such as coffee and tea.

The Fragrance of Wine
With selected Osmanthus - a local flower of Nangang District, the bartender of The Lounge personally makes Osmanthus Wine with a secret recipe, added with the flavour of citruses, presenting you with a unique experience in each sip.

Opening Hours

Daily          14:00 - 22:00
- Last order 21:00
Afternoon Tea 14:00- 17:00
Number of Seats

Corking fees apply. NT$500 for each bottle of wine and NT$800 for each bottle of spirits